February 16, 2009

Great News and We're Celebrating !

Royal is out of his stall !

It has been a long time since I've given an update on Royal. However, today I finally checked in and saw the wonderful notes you have left for me ... cheering us on!
Thank you so much!

The last time I wrote I was waiting for the arrival of the vet ... and hoping for good news. But things didn't work out that way.

So much has happened since ... but I just couldn't write about it.

My Christmas wish was for Royal to be healthy and happy, again. Unfortunately, everything that could go bad ... did.

However, Valentine's Day was the big day around here. We are celebrating now!

Royal is out of his stall, wandering around the passageway ... and feeling good.

Royal's first steps were slow and easy,
but he was one happy fellow just to be out.

We had to block off the path to the upper hill.
One never knows what ideas a happy horse might have.

And, yes, we were finally able to remove the wooden clogs.

Here is a photo taken from a website
for anyone not familiar with these clogs.

Royal is now wearing therapy shoes, which he seems to think are quite comfortable. The latest x-rays showed things are looking good.
Royal's blood work is perfect, he is not insulin resistant and the laminitis is under control. Finally, the effects of the steroid overdose are believed to be gone. Royal has finally taken a turn for the ... good!

It will be quite awhile before he is romping up and down the hillside, or prancing his way to the arena ... but I fully believe those days are ahead for him.

In the meantime, when it isn't raining, Royal is enjoying every ray of sunshine that comes his way. We're taking it a day at a time and counting our blessings.

Life is looking good and
... I've got my boy back!