April 15, 2013

Was It Something I Said?

Things were going so well.  I was just getting my groove back after being gone from Blogville far too long. 

Then for absolutely no reason my "fairly new" computer became temperamental. 

There was no rhyme nor reason to this behavior. I've always been respectful ... never a cross word.  I learned long ago that the computer was in charge.

 Don't get me wrong ... I was tempted to do the following.

The emergency crew was called in.  They had no answers.  The wires were all disconnected and the computer/screen were taken to the "fix everything/anything" store.  No luck.

The computer/screen were then shipped to "somewhere" to be fixed and returned to me ... hopefully working, again.

With no computer ... I discovered I actually had time on my hands! It was amazing.  The house got cleaned, the barn doors were varnished, the garden was fertilized ... and miracle upon miracles, the office was cleaned and repainted.

As for the computer ... I now have a new one.  We have some rules, however.  Being friendly in this household is a requirement.  Screen blackouts are not amusing.  

And most important ... it is essential that this new computer allow me to visit my Blogville friends without interruption.

See you around!


  1. Glad to hear you've got your groove back with the new computer. It's amazing how much can get done without one though, isn't it?

  2. Welcome back, I'd wondered where you'd got to:)

  3. Great to see you back. My poor laptop is in the hospital & while I can work away on one belonging to the LSH, I keep missing things - important emails I need to check, photos that are stored for future use... I'm just hoping it's fixable. It's sad how much we miss them!!

  4. Computers can be so frustrating! Glad you got a new one :)

  5. Good to see you back - computers can occupy a great deal of your time though can't they:)

  6. Hi You!!!
    Was So Very Nice Took Hear From You Today, At My Place...Thanks Too, For The Kind Words.

    I Know All Too Well..A Dying Computer...Me Too.
    Your Tale Made Me Laugh...Though I Know It Was Frustrating. It Does Lend Itself To Time In In Other Parts Of Life. Important Stuff.

    Glad You Are Back!!!


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