September 3, 2008

Shadow - Starving Horse Part 2

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Sweet, affectionate, pretty
and so hungry.

Update - September 3

First, a huge thanks to Arlene at Grey Horse Matters who posted this story (due to my computer problems) and to Victoria at Teachings of the Horse who emailed me with helpful advice since she knew of some So.Ca contacts. Those are just two terrific friends!

And thank you, thank you to all of you wonderful people who have given me amazing advice and support! It is so very, very encouraging and helpful !! It has given me a Plan B !

At the moment, I'm working on Plan A, which is to meet with the owner, tomorrow, for a nice friendly talk about "what to do about Shadow". I'm so glad she agreed to talk with me, again. I'm approaching her with: "You are not a bad girl, I just want to help you" in the hopes we can reach a good conclusion for Shadow.

My goal is to get her to sign Shadow over to me. She has admitted she cannot afford the horse (lost interest), but doesn't want the "horrible people in the community" to be near her horse. Let's hope tomorrow works out and we don't have to go to plan "B".

At present, he is on a carefully planned rehab feed program, which is delivered by my "drop and run" partners in crime. The only problem is ~~ the horse now welcomes us and could very well give away our clandestine act of mercy.

Now ... for the other problem. I'm hoping to remove the horse from her control, which means I will be inheriting a horse (with no room in my barn) and then what?

Hang in there with me and please keep sending advice ... it's so appreciated!



  1. Good luck and please keep us posted on what happens!

    I'm pulling for you!! And that handsome boy, too.


  2. I have red the previous post, but I was so depressed... I have not left a comment, because I couldn't really advice something reasonable - especially that I have red some comments, which were very valuable.
    Today I would like to say, that I really admire you and thing you do. This is so important to see things and make the world better place...
    thank you..

  3. Well that is excellent news so far! I hope that this girl signs shadow over to you ASAP. I haven't a clue as to how to get your barn to grown an extra stall :P My advise to you is to go to you local and look under the farm and garden posts or even post yourself about wanting or finding a temporary stall. It is not the best solution in the whole world but if you get a temporary stall and build a roof over it at least he will have a place to live. I hope the chat with shadows owner goes well. I am a sucker for a black horse and he seems sweet.

  4. Good luck, Hope you get him into your care!

  5. You have joined "The Resistance!" Good for you and good for Shadow.

  6. I really hope things work out for Shadow. I think you are taking the best course you can under the circumstances. I've been sending good vibes your way.

  7. Wow, you're a brave person! That poor horse. You are right...he does deserve better, much better.

    We'll all have our fingers crossed here and hope that you get him. And we hope you find a solution to the barn space problem.

    All the best, from Meg and cats xxx

  8. If he knickers and gives your clandistine feeders away...away to the owner? Do you think she'd figure it out? Really?

    Just have carrot slices in your pocket. "I guess he can smell these all the way from there!"

  9. Is this horse kept at a stable, does the girl pay board? I am thinking if she does, and is not paying board, she could technically give the horse over as payment and then the stable owners have to take responsibility. I also don't know why if this horse is boarded, it isn't being fed, unless it's self-care? I would think barn owners couldn't stand by and just watch a horse deteriorate to that condition. That kind of weight loss does not occur overnight, it takes a long time with lack of care for a horse to get in that bad of shape.
    I also see hay on the ground in the paddock behind the horse, I am assuming that is part of the clandestine feeding program?
    Anyway, I hope the girl is willing to work with you! It sounds like she has some other issues going on though....keep us posted!


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