September 13, 2008

You're Mine, Now ! Part 4

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No longer hungry, no longer an orphan !
Sept. 11 ... papers signed!

It must have been all of your good wishes sent my way this past Thursday, because the meeting to sign the transfer of ownership papers went very smoothly ... no drama, no theatrics.

I thank all of you so very much! You kept me going.

When I drove up to Shadow's paddock, I saw "the young girl" packing her saddle and assorted things into her car. What a great sight that was! She seemed to be in a hurry ... that was even better!

I had the paper work all ready, my check for $1.00 and pen in hand. We went directly into the tack room and she signed her horse over to me without hesitation. For a moment, she faked a bit of sadness, but with a passing pat for Shadow, she was off and gone.

It has been since then that I have learned more details people had not wanted to tell, such as Shadow being left without food or care while his owner went on her honeymoon. Then there were long periods of time that he was simply abandoned, ... she was busy, I'm told.

But that is now the past. Shadow has a new life ahead of him.

I have no idea what I have purchased for $1.00, but I do know each day is going to be a better day for both of us.

Shadow has put on weight, due to those night time runs, and also thanks to my friends who risked I don't know what to sneak the feed to Shadow during the daytime.

His ribs no longer protrude so badly that I want to cry. It's a happy feeling to walk in the paddock and be greeted by a big nose eager for the bucket in my hand.

And it is wonderful to know he is mine.

The farrier gave him a trim and said his feet were excellent. Shadow was so off balance, I have no idea how he could possibly stand. Now he moves about comfortably.

When my vet heard I had taken on this rescue horse, he immediately made time in his very busy schedule to give Shadow a work over, yesterday.

This vet has been with me through all the ups and downs of owning horses. He said that seeing this horse and knowing he now would have the chance to live out his life in comfort ... made for a wonderful day!

Dr.Secor estimates that Shadow is about 25 years old and based on the severity of his weight loss did not have much time left. The vet was amazed at the weight Shadow has put on, and the beginnings of a shine in his coat.

Shadow is still weak and a bit unsteady at times, but we feel with nutrition, his teeth filed and polished to perfection so he can eat and process his food, plus lots of love ... he is going to be one handsome, healthy boy.

Everyone who has had the pleasure of seeing him is impressed by Shadow's sweet and gentle nature in spite of the long rough road he suffered.

Shadow is like a big puppy dog. I think that sparkle in his eye and his tag along personality is his way of saying ... thank you.

I wish he could somehow know how lucky I feel to have him.


The next project is to give him a new name to match his new life. Any suggestions? He is tall, dark and handsome, does that help?

I need to add a P.S. to the name change idea.
"Shadow" does not know his name, does not respond to it and I believe it came from the "the young girl" who had him only a few years and was rarely there.

Wish I knew what he was called in his previous life.


  1. YAY!

    Thank you for your good deed. (Best dollar you ever spent, I bet.) From the photo, it appears that "Shadow" appreciates you very much.

    A suggestion for a name: Felix (Latin for happy/lucky). Or perhaps the name "Dharma," since this was a spiritual journey for you both.

  2. Marvel - He does know how lucky you are to have him and how lucky he is to have you. What a beautiful story - I love happy endings - Congratulations on succeeding- your efforts have been amazing and your halo is glowing! You are a real horse hero!

  3. I think you need to call him Clarke Gable. I see rich southern gentleman written all over your handsome man! And my horse was a rescue too years ago and then passed around until he got to me. He was so grateful that I was his Mom. I bet Shadow does know that the feelings of love are mutual. And thank you again for being WONDERFUL and taking on another horse.

  4. Thank you so much. This was certainly a not insignificant decision for you. Shadow had no one to rely on. No one to make sure he was safe, until you. He was starving, starving!!, and his owner did nothing. She would have let him die without your intervention. You the shining example of goodness in people, you are what this country needs more of. Every little bit of kindness, caring, doing what is right, for the least among us. Thank you.

  5. Aaaw, CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is fantastic:)

    When you said "dark and handsome", I immediately thought 'Italian'. I don't mean the name Italian, I mean an Italian name...something strong and sturdy. I don't know many Italian names so I'll get back to you on that...

    He is very, very handsome and he is clearly delighted to have a new mum, a new life and plenty of attention. Life is now great for him, and now your mind can rest since you don't have to worry when he will get his next meal.

    Well done you! Hugs from Meg and cats xxx

  6. Sunshine.
    Great ending to this story. Good hearted woman changing world to a better place...

  7. I am so happy for you and for Shadow! I bet he is so happy to have food coming his way. Poor guy. It's good that he is putting on weight so easily.

    I am so bad at names. When you said tall dark and handsome I thought of Antonio Banderas. I can't think of any horse name. How about Bello. It means handsome in Italian.

  8. Heart had a song with the lyrics Tall Dark and Handsome, what about "heart" for a name? Or Casblanca? Eclipse because he seemed so hidden in plain sight?
    Glitter? Treasure, for he is? Change of Fortune?

    Look at him hug you. He knows his luck has changed.

  9. soooooooo glad to see your post!!his name is an easy one" Lucky" plain and simple . Lucky to have found each other...

  10. Excellent work! Of course, since he is no longer in darkness or shadow, the logical thing is to give him a name the reflects light. Reflection? Or Yin, the opposite of Yang.

  11. Congrats! Glad he is in the care of some one who actually cares! He looks better already! If he is used to that name, I wouldn't change it, though.

  12. How wonderful for you and the lucky horse - Congratulations!! Hmm, romantic period pieces come to mind when I think of tall, dark and handsome - Mr. Darcy? Heathcliff?

  13. Congratulations and thank you for helping this horse when few others could.

    P.S. I quite like the name Felix suggested by Detroit Dog.

  14. What a great thing that you have done for Shadow. I see that in the photo, he is hugging you. I think that tall, dark, and handsome should be called "Romeo".

  15. I'm with Callie. I wouldn't cahnge his name. He may be having a new life, but he is the same horse. Where you came from and your journey are as important as where you are now. This journey has been important for both of you. Never forget.

  16. Oh wow. I'm all teary-eyed. I was expecting more drama and heart ache before the final ending, but instead seeonly a very joyful new owner and a handsome, appreciative horse.

    I like the name Bello, like Andrea suggested. He really is handsome and will be even more gorgeous when he's all filled out.

    I think it's interesting that your horses, Royal and Ebony are also black. It seems that you have a propensity for the dark horses and they are drawn to you to.

    "Shadow" spoke to you and you came to his rescue. I just know that the great horse spirit will always watch over you because of your good, generous and selfless act.

    Bless you, Marvel.

    You truly are a Marvel! :)

    Laughing Orca Ranch
    New Mexico

  17. Oh most excellent!! I'm so glad to see that you got this horse home and stuck thru the drama queens. I can't believe you weren't allowed to feed him?? Kudos to you for not smacking anyone upside the head.
    Great great story. I love a happy ending. Want to see more as he gains weight. God Bless You!

  18. Congratulations on your new horse. I am so happy to hear that there were no new theatrics when the time came to take over ownership. Reading between the lines I can see how this 'young girl' loved and cared for her horse. It's not easy taking over the care of a mistreated older horse, but the rewards are great, as you will see. Thanks for making the world a better place for one more mistreated horse and bringing happiness into his life, I'm sure he will love you and bring you much joy.

  19. As I sit here with tears streaming down my face I bless you - you and your compadres for giving this "sweetboy" a life that he deserves one filled with love and compassion - I am sure he will teach you so much in what ever time he has left. I just thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving him the experience of love and comfort. it is people like you that make the world a good place.

  20. Oh, that is such a happy ending! I got teary, too! Great for you! You have made a difference in this old guy's life. I still don't understand why that young girl was mad others were feeding her horse? I'm sure it's pride or something (or maybe she just had a screw loose?)
    Hmmm....names.....well, he is certainly "LUCKY", that's for sure! And you worked a little "MAGIC" of your own to get him! Even the name "HAPPY" is kind of cute, he looks like he's going to be a lot happier these days!

  21. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving this boy a second chance at life!

  22. I am moved to near-tears to read what you have done for this handsome fellow. You've been on my mind this past couple of weeks, but I've been so busy I haven't been able to remember to come over and visit. I am so glad I did today! I admire you so much for what you are doing!!!!!!

    Hugs to both you and the newbie,
    Cindy at Rosehaven Cotage

  23. wow. What an amazing story!
    I got here from your OTHER blog, thing when I was looking up clysdale pictures I think. And it as been... an hour since I have looked that up, and I have been looking at your pictures, and reading your blog ever since.
    Wow. Yup he needs a new name! I recently bought my first pony, (YAY) who had been starved TWICE in her life, (though not by the people we bought her from. They only had her for a summer as a riding camp pony before deeming her 'unsuitable') had this AWFUL brand, but is the sweetest pony EVER! And even when you are havd feeding her treats, she will take it sooo gently!
    Not like my sister's horse, who has NEVER been starved or neglected and who grabs as soon as she see's the treat! haha!
    Anyways, her name she didn't respond to either, and so I gave her a new name, which she already responds to!
    I wish I could help with the name thing! but all the names we looked at were girl names! but we found her's online at a huge list of horse names, with just a twist to the spelling! You should put his height too, is he just a pony? he looks like 15 something hands, just from his looks, but looks can be deceiving!
    I will defiantly keep reading your blog!


  24. Oh well done, that's such a fantastic story, and just the beginning for you both, I think. I can't wait to hear more.

    There are some great suggestions for names, Bello or Darcy are my favourites. When I was about to rescue an abused horse, I was going to change his name too, as his old name held too many painful memories of abuse. I chose a name similar to his old name, but like Shadow, he ignored his name and seemed to shy away from it.

    How about Handsome or Darling, as it's not so much what you say, but how you say it.

    Take care

    Kim x

  25. Oh, I meant to say, the girl who owned the abused horses wouldn't let anyone interfere with them either. One by one they've all been taken from her!

    Kim x

  26. What a great story, congratulations and thank you for being such a wonderful horse lover. Rescued animals always are grateful, he does know you saved him.

  27. what a touching story, and a fairytale ending. I'm so thrilled for him to have new, loving owners. His last years will be such happy ones. Please do update us on him, as well as your other pretty boy. I really enjoy your blog and your cast of characters.

    My suggestion for his name is Victor, or Victory. I think those are both strong names, and while he came thru hell, he's come out a victor on the other side. :o)

    So happy for him. He's beautiful, even in his skinny state. And you can just see in his eyes how gentle and loving he is. He's a keeper. :o) So very happy for you both.

  28. what a special story this of love & perseverance. this boy knows you saved his life...he feels your love (he just can't tell you in words)...but he knows. animals are so special and they enrich our lives in so many ways...i can't imagine my life without them. i am inspired by your willingness to share your home, your love and you lives with animals that have been discarded...but with you and others like you they will know the love of a human companion and will learn to trust again...
    i hope your boy lives many more years in the safe haven you have provided him with. my old boy razz passed away a year ago now...he was my forever friend and i am missing him always. i feel so fortunate to have spent so many years loving my little arab spit fire and feel that we belonged together...just like you and your boy do! name suggestion is razz cause my razz was a pretty special friend to me...

  29. What a blessed happy ending! yeah!
    I think that you and your husband are SO special to do all youhave for the precious animals of our world.


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