November 9, 2008

Royal's Friends ~ Ben and Pal

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Early Morning

Back home, again ...

Seems I need to explain this unlikely pair.
In a comment, Amy Jo asked how a "Clydesdale
and a little pony ever hooked up".

The pony has been living at this house for several years, along with goats and chickens, but no horses. Then while making the rounds of the neighborhood, lo and behold, there was a Clydesdale that had just arrived a couple weeks, ago.

The owners said Ben was from Wisconsin and I guess got tired of the snowstorms and so he was shipped to California. He seems quite happy with his pint sized room mate.

They do their munching at the bottom of the hill and then toddle back up to their barn.
I'm rather curious if the owners thought to measure the opening of the barn door before bringing Ben to live with them. Oh well, things usually work out.


  1. Oh, they are sweet!

    (thanks for the wonderful housework break! back to the kitchen....)

  2. i love drafts. he looks gorgeous. what is their story? home again? where did they go? how did a little pony and Clydesdale hook up?

  3. That's very cute. Love the big drafts. Hope he and his new friend have a great time together.

  4. That pony is probably happier than he has been for a long time!

    It is incredible how depressed Janow gets without any physical contact with other horses. Even if he can see them around, he needs the contact. Over the fence is fine, but touchable is important.

  5. LOL!! It's true about the door. but I am sure he fits in. Hee hee!!

    They are a really cute couple.

  6. They are gorgeous!! (But I think you might have guessed that I'd say that!) They are my two favourite breeds of horse/pony.

    Hope everyone is well, from Meg and cats xxx

  7. OMG OMG OMG!!! That is what I want! I want a nice size draft cross to ride and a pony to drive! Granted I would love to get it all in one package with a draft pony (this is of course a pipe dream about getting another horse since I can barely afford my horse and a half lease). That is so adorable! I love the pictures. And I think some horses just like ponies. Mine is a grumpy old jerk about being around other horses but the smaller the pony the more my horse likes it!

  8. I have played catch up again and love the new furry friends and am so glad that Shadow is doing so well. When I first saw the leg crossing I thought of a recent series of posts by Rising Rainbow on EPM, which is neurological, it maybe worth looking into. He sure is looking good though.

    I just wish I had the resources to adopt al the uncared for animals :-( but will have to settle for one at a time.


  9. They are adorable. Yes, the door seems narrow, I suppose the draft succeeds in entering the barn.
    It's a very nice picture.

  10. Hi! Thanks for responding to the question from Julie Goodnight. I read your response on her site and i want to say that you did a very nice job of explaining your thoughts...and i think that she will see how concerned horse owners are at the things that are happening.

  11. I guess that would be the big and the little of it? LOL-They are just too cute together.

  12. They are so beautiful...
    We spent 2 days with our friends, on their farm. Their horses were so sweet and Grace just loved them.
    We plan on going back in the Spring so Grace can so a little riding!


  13. Clydesdale is looking at pony like "your a horse???????????????????????"
    great pair out of wonder who's got the higher say usually the pony will run the show with a normal size horse but i wonder if he gets off his soap box for big boy.


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