November 1, 2008

Shadow's Carrot Girl

Click photo to enlarge
Wait A Minute, Shadow ...
I'll get the carrot for you!
3 year old Cassie stops by often to give her favorite pal his treats.
Shadow loves children and has regular fans who stop by.
Take a look at that boy! No ribs showing!
Yeah! He's come a long way!


  1. That is so adorable. I'm glad he has lots of friends who stop by to visit him, it must make him very happy to know he is loved. He looks great too and must feel so good not to be hungry anymore.

  2. Wow, Shadow looks great. I can only imagine that he is truly happy; wonderful life for a senior horse. (It even makes me feel good!)

  3. Aaw, Cassie looks really cute with the little ribbon in her hair! I used to love having ribbons in my hair when I was little.

    Shadow looks so much better now...I know I have probably said that a lot but you really have done a good job with him! He is gorgeous!

    Hugs from Meg and cats xxx

    P.S. Hope you had a good Halloween

  4. Oh he looks soooo good! I know it's all the carrots putting weight on that big boy!! :) He sure looks happy to have that little girl giving him some treats.

  5. He looks really good. I love those old guys.
    Have you had a chiropractor look at him. He may have a pinched nerve giving him trouble in his hindend. My 42 year old appy does that once in a while. He will get his vertabrae out rolling and then agrivate a makes him cast his hind leg under and rotate funny. He gets an adjustment and everything is good again.

  6. wow wow wow. He looks GREAT S.L. You have done a great job rehabbing him. I'm not a farrier and know very little about leg issues but you might skip on over to The Horseshoeing Housewife or to Mrs. Moms Horsefeathers blog and see if they might have some ideas for you!

  7. It makes me so happy to see this photo! Shadow is a beautiful boy and he deserves all the love and attention he is getting. Bravo, Marvel!

  8. He looks fabulous, Strawberry. I'm sooo very pleased and proud of what you've achieved. He's a darling boy and obviously very worth it (but aren't they all!). Take care, honey.

    Kim x

  9. Happy story, darling picture. And Shadow has sense. My horse would run off until the carrot was out of its Horse-Killing-Plastic bag and it was safe to come back.

    So nice to read a happy story and see a beautiful child with a happy horse.

  10. He looks so great! I love that photo! I can see it as a painting or pencil!! Thanks for stopping by my porch! You are welcome anytime! Actually I don't have any friends that really stop by, I would love to have some of my blog buddies pop in!

  11. re the "black horse" on my post that you thought should come live with Royal. I'm guessing its the horse eating out of the pink bucket. She's actually bay, but due to time of year and winter coats I could see the mistake :)
    She's not going anywhere! She's 27 and I've had her since she was about 12 or 13, she's at her forever home for sure.
    There is one black horse on the property where I board, but he doesn't have a single white hair. Sorry ;)

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  13. I would say his "quality of life" is as good as it gets!

    I agree with Cactus Jack. Chirpopractic may give him relief and you some answers.

    Janow, at nearly 20, really enjoys a message, especially when it has been cold. If he has a spot that is particularly crunchy, he will indicate it with his nose.

    When he was young, he had no patience for that nonsense!

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  15. There is nothing more precious than small children and horses together, they look like great friends. I don't have any words of wisdom about his health issues, I think you are doing wonderful work.

  16. Yay! No ribs showing! Woo hoo! He's such a trooper.


  17. I just checked in, been a while. Could NOT believe Shadow was the same horse. He looks SO MUCH BETTER! God Bless you for getting him out of there. What a huge difference!!

  18. can you say eye candy he is like a perfect sun set. great looking horse.
    and he looks as happy as me the first day i seen my first boy Trank.


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