July 16, 2008

Room With A View

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My view of Royal from my desk ...
and Royal's view of me from the barn.
It seems that Royal has figured out
the exact place to stand where
he can see me, perfectly.
He also knows the minute I leave the room.
I hear a loud whinny, which, of course,
means he gets my undivided attention.
He's quite irrestible, you know.

July 5, 2008

Captain Charlie

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I'm the ruler of the sea!
No, really I am !


I'm even in charge of the pilot house
and have the attention of all the crew.
See ... don't I look adorable !
They even ring a bell when I come aboard.

I just love having my
very own deck chair.

Sure would like to take you all for a cruise.
I'd even wear my
Charlie, the Captain, hat!