March 31, 2009

I'm Ready For My Closeup, Mr.DeMille

Who Is This Guy!

Continuing with answers to your questions:

Honest, he was never in any De Mille movies. And he swears he was not in "Gone With The Wind", either.

However, he was in "Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom".

Again, he says you'll know him.
For this movie, he says they called him "Harrison Ford".
Oh, Geezzz, try living with him ...


  1. I've done some sleuthing, however, I relatively suck at it! I do have his first name, BUT, if that wasn't used as his stage name then I've gotten absolutely nowhere! So now I'll hunt for DeMille movies! Hmmmmm............

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  3. Callie, you are sooo funny!

    No De Mille movies for this guy. (finally spelled things right here)

  4. My husband says that he still doesn't recognize your husband, however, he says "He's still my hero!"

    Those guys and Blazing Saddles....


  5. Oh, I really have no clue!! I am lost for any idea. I am not good at this guess who my super start cowboy husband is. But how really cool!! That is so neat!!

  6. Okay. I'm stumped. I'm thinking from his clues that he's a stunt double, yet he does look very familiar. Maybe he's just got those general movie star good looks, convincing me that I recognize him. I'm terrible at putting names and faces together.

  7. Nuzzling Muzzles,
    Nope he's not a stunt double, he's not that brave I don't think.

    He's just the guy that gets in the way of the cameras while shooting his rifle.


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