March 29, 2009

Who Is That Movie Star ?

Who Is He?

Several people have sent questions over time as to just who is that handsome movie star that snatched me away from my New York career and now kicks dirt around our barn.
I can tell you .... he was and is really something!
The most recent request was from Callie at
Midwest Horse.
Her comment went like this:

"Not you'll ever reveal your hubby's fame, I have a friend who is an absolute old western movie freak! And he is on a mission to figure out who your husband is. Can you give us a clue? Just one movie, he's been in, perhaps? Pretty please?
Now, who could resist such a request?
So, I had a talk with Mr. Hollywood and he said to tell you that every time you see a gun totting cowboy in a movie ... yep, he's the guy.
He's also quite sure you will recognize him. He says his stage name is "Clint Eastwood".
Do you really believe that line?

What movies?
Hummm, he says, maybe "High Noon", or "Magnificent Seven" ... or "Blazing Saddles"!!
And, oh yes, one you've probably never heard of ... "Paint Your Wagon".

But like any good cowboy, "he don't talk much".


  1. Such a tease!

    Now this will drive me nuts....

  2. My husband says he doesn't care who your husband is -- if he was in Blazing Saddles then he's my husband's hero!

    BTW, he'd like to know if he was in the "bean" scene or the "Camptown Ladies" scene?


  3. Hi Detroit Dog,
    He was always in the scenes where the women were!

  4. Yay! (hands clapping) Can't wait to show this post to Kofie and Colleen! They'll love it! And kudos to your famous hubs for lettin' us in just a little bit! You guys crack me up and rock!

  5. Of course I've heard of Paint Your Wagon. My family watched all the westerns on TV and all the movies. I hope everyone figures it out.
    You left a note on your comment that you were moving Royal. Glad he's doing well, let us know what's going on with him. I've been wondering.

  6. Grey Horse Matters;
    After seeing those gorgeous photos on your site, I decided Royal should live there. So, wherever you are ... watch for our horse van.

    In the meantime, we're stuck here in So. Cal.

  7. Yep I have wracked my brains often over this puzzle and you are very good at baiting LOL. I just figured that one day we might find out, his face is very familiar I dont know why and even the photos you post of him in recent posts he has an air of familiarity about him.

    Hope Royal is thriving and his pal too.

  8. This has been hugely hilarous and when my husband gets home from being snowed in at an out of town airport...he will clear all of this up for the girls...those are all his favorite movies!
    PS send Royal my love!

  9. Royal and his family are welcome anytime, let us know when you will be arriving and the gate will be left open.

  10. Well, we know he's not Clint Eastwood or Lee Marvin, and you're not Jean Seaberg, are you? Let's have some more clues. And an update on Royal and Shadow please?

  11. Marvel,

    I hope we find out who your handsome cowboy is. May we have a clue? Is he listed in IMDB under the cast listings for each movie?

    This is fun!

  12. I had no idea your hubby was a famous movie star cowboy!! How exciting!! What fun!!

  13. Ever since you first posted his photograph on your sidebar, I've recognized him but have never been able to figure out which movie I recognized him from. Now I've got some more clues so I can finally stop racking my brain over this one.


  14. A good bit of blogging fun, that's what I like to see! And you always provide it!

    Hope all the family (including the animals of course!) is well!

    Hugs from Meg and cats xxx

  15. Well, my husband will be all over this. Old westerns are his very fav! Even I have seen all of the movies that you named. LOL

  16. Oh, *I* have heard of Paint Your Wagon...better yet, i have it in our movie collection! : )

    You areso funny and such a swee teaser!

    No matter what, your husband is a veddy, veddy handsome man and beats Harrison ho hands down! *grin*


  17. You have been a very busy little blogging gal haven't you?? I see that I have some catching up to do. Oh what fun...I love a good mystery, or a good I mean a good cowboy movie. Sorry.

    I too, have mused over that photo on your sidebar. I have absolutely no idea who he might be, but he is familiar to me too.
    Hmmm...this should be fun!!

    How is that most handsome horse of yours doing? Tootsies better?


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