March 31, 2009

Charlie's "OH NO" Day!

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It started like any beautiful sunny day, first the leash, then the ride in the car. Things were looking great.
Then Charlie recognized the parking space, oh yah, been here before! The Vet's Office!!
That is when he flattened himself on the floor of the station wagon. Yep, flat as a pancake.
We looked like abusive parents as we tried to drag Charlie out of the car. We tried treats, we waved his huggy toy around ... nothing worked.
It is nearly impossible to pick up a 100 pound dog that is acting like a complete lug.
Finally, Charlie arrived in the exam room having been drug on his rear in front of dignified poodles, adorable little lap dogs and more than a few arrogant felines.

Charlie was poked and stuck by all the tricks of the trade. He really hates this part.
But we are happy to say ... Charlie is fit as a fiddle.
You should have seen him strut his stuff out of the office. He puffed himself up to his now 105 pounds and trotted his way straight to the car.
The huggy toy was in his mouth all the way home.
I love this boy ... he's such a big baby!

There is a P.S. to this story.
Charlie had a discussion with us about "that vet". Charlie has the ability to sniff out trouble people, and this vet was nothing but trouble. So we took his advice and got a new vet.

She is young and good looking. That Charlie is always thinking!
Now, I keep towels at the ready, since Charlie's "young chick" gets licked from head to toe the minute she arrives.
He's totally in love with her and anything she does is fine with him.

Don't you just love it when things work out.

I'm Ready For My Closeup, Mr.DeMille

Who Is This Guy!

Continuing with answers to your questions:

Honest, he was never in any De Mille movies. And he swears he was not in "Gone With The Wind", either.

However, he was in "Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom".

Again, he says you'll know him.
For this movie, he says they called him "Harrison Ford".
Oh, Geezzz, try living with him ...

March 29, 2009

Who Is That Movie Star ?

Who Is He?

Several people have sent questions over time as to just who is that handsome movie star that snatched me away from my New York career and now kicks dirt around our barn.
I can tell you .... he was and is really something!
The most recent request was from Callie at
Midwest Horse.
Her comment went like this:

"Not you'll ever reveal your hubby's fame, I have a friend who is an absolute old western movie freak! And he is on a mission to figure out who your husband is. Can you give us a clue? Just one movie, he's been in, perhaps? Pretty please?
Now, who could resist such a request?
So, I had a talk with Mr. Hollywood and he said to tell you that every time you see a gun totting cowboy in a movie ... yep, he's the guy.
He's also quite sure you will recognize him. He says his stage name is "Clint Eastwood".
Do you really believe that line?

What movies?
Hummm, he says, maybe "High Noon", or "Magnificent Seven" ... or "Blazing Saddles"!!
And, oh yes, one you've probably never heard of ... "Paint Your Wagon".

But like any good cowboy, "he don't talk much".

March 23, 2009

Nope, Didn't Go Near The Mud Puddles!

Click to enlarge ~ they are a sight!
Those little rascals
"Charlie" and "Katie"