January 2, 2013

Good Grief, What Happened?

Ok, I can talk about it now.  I'm a week late in mentioning this event.
But I've been "adjusting". It’s about … birthdays.   

The problem was not about my birthday being the day after Christmas … that’s been happening every year. 

But … this birthday was the BIG one! The candles on the cake could have or should have been classified as a bonfire! 

I’ve been asking … what happened?!!  Hey! I'm the baby in the family,  doesn't that make me eternally young?

And I've noticed strange behavior traits, such as, did I moan when I got up out of that chair? Maybe it is the chair getting old.

I know this birthday wasn’t really the “big one”, because next year the number will be even bigger.  I was contemplating that thought when I received a note from my sister. 

She always comes through. 

I recently read a quote … can’t remember where.  (darn, see what I mean!).
The quote said:  

‘Today you are as young as you’re going to be … now act like it’!
Yep, I'm going for that!  Look out, Royal, we’ve got work to do! 
I’ve got my second wind!


  1. Happy (belated) birthday!
    Go on, go have fun with Royal - it doesn't matter what you do, just have fun! It keeps you young :D

    1. Thanks! You are so right! I'm going to stop making work lists ... and go for the fun, as you suggested.

  2. Happy Birthday Marvel!

    I love the quote and will certainly remember it.

    I'm sure Royal will be so happy you've got your second wind and are heading out to the barn. Look out Royal she sounds serious! I remember seeing the trails by your farm in a previous post. So beautiful and I'm sure your weather is great right now. Have fun!

    1. Thanks, Arlene. I'm so lucky to have Royal. Looking forward to more work/fun outside and less inside.

  3. Belated Happy Birthday Marvel! Remember that you are only as old as you feel and that it was definitely the chair that's getting old not you:) I'm sure that you're a good many birthdays behind me so take my word for it that you have problems remembering things occasionally because you now know so much that it sometimes takes a minute to retrieve the information that you want{:) Happy New Year!

  4. Rowan, Thank you!! That's it! You've got the answer! It is the huge filing system in my brain that slows me down for trivia.

  5. Happy birthday!!! So...are we talking the big 5 0 here or what??? Inquiring minds want to know!!! :) No worries because if so, I have you beat! My bday is just around the corner (again, sheesh!) and I'm going to be 53!! Holy crap - HOW did that happen? I SO know what you mean!!!

    My granny used to recite this old Irish Proverb, and I do love it...
    "Do not resent growing old. Some people never get the chance."
    Growing old is a blessing which we must constantly remind ourselves in this culture of be young, act young, or you're over the hill. I say just enjoy this stage and be thankful!! I love your quote too. Going to write it down so I don't have to (try) and remember it! :)

  6. Hi C-ingspots,
    Funny you!! This birthday wasn't "awesome" as numbers go. But changing a decade number can be disturbing. Your granny's Irish Proverb puts the age business in perspective. Growing old is ... a blessing!


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