June 29, 2013

Katie and Charlie Go Golfing

Katie, don't you just love it here!

Humm ... I think this should be a little deeper.

Moving on down the road. The digging is great here!
What a day!

Strawberry Lane


  1. So adorable! What a beautiful golf course, my husband would love to play there. Me, I'm with the dogs I'd rather play on the beach.

  2. Is this your private course! Lucky dogs.

    1. Hi Lori,
      Very, very in the morning it is the dogs private course. Anytime, later Charlie and Katie aren't so popular. :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Ed, They sure do have great times together!

  4. Katie and Charlie sure get around!

    1. Hi Detroit Dog,
      They really do make the rounds! :-)


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