October 26, 2008

We Live In A Dog House

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Katie and Charlie


Every now and then Charlie has a good idea. In fact, this time it was a terrific one. He wanted a sister and that's sure what he got. These two kids were meant to be together.

I just don't know why it took me 48 hours to see that Katie was not going to be temporary.
In fact, when I think about that phone call from Carole describing this "perfect girl" ... I think this whole thing was a set up, ... this was no "foster for a few days"! This was a done deal, I just didn't know it.
Carole knew I'd keep this little girl and she also knew I'd say "no" if she mentioned my adopting another dog.
I'm such a push over once they get in the house!

The cat test was a breeze .......
But, there is no doubt ... life has changed around here!

The nightly romp

and ... so much for those toys.

Later, it's time for races.
This is when mom says ... "take it outside!"
Then it's back for TV.

Is this just one big pile of fur, or what?!


  1. This is the most heartwarming post! And the kitty even love her!!!!! That's kismet.

    Hugs to everyone,

  2. They seem so happy. And so do you!

    I've put up a post about our Quasar, but will have to post more photos later this week.

  3. Katie and Charlie were meant to be together. They look like they're having so much fun. I'm sure you are too, good luck with both of those wonderful dogs.

  4. Okay now...here I am boo hooing again! Yor last post did that to me and this one got me all over again!
    These two were meant to be together and meant to belong to you.

    They are both beautiful!


  5. They are both beautiful!! I am so glad she is getting along so well with her little brother.

    I love all the toys all over the ground!! They sure do know how to have fun.

  6. I'll bet Charlie's dad is happy to have Katie too - Even though they get a little crazy, there's nothing like a couple of big sweet dogs to cheer up your day.

  7. I'm so glad that this is working out so well. I love the photos, especially the last one - the little kitty laying in there with the pups - too precious!

  8. Aaw, how cute!! She is adorable and it's clear a certain someone likes her! It doesn't take long to destroy the toys does it? :) Our collie, Bonnie, is the same. The fluff is out of them within minutes sometimes:))

    Your house looks like fun! I'm glad you like to share it with us on yor blog.
    From Meg and cats xxx

  9. OMG! LOL, I'm forever cleaning up the stuffing from various dog toys!

  10. Love it....what a great read this post was! Charlie and Katie are new BFF's and everything is just as it should be...
    (i especially like the miscellaneous sock in the middle of the room....we have a sock thief at our house too! ;o)

  11. Best thing we ever did was adopt our second furbaby from Golden Retriever Rescue, hard to believe that was 8 years ago! I wouldn't trade my house full of dog hair for anything. Of course, if I could figure out how to have my horse in there too, I would.

  12. I just found your web-site....Your photos and posts are awesome!



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