October 18, 2008

Katie Comes To Visit

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Katie ~ The New Foster Child


As you know, Charlie wants a sister and I want a trial before adding another dog to our collection of animals. So, we're trying the fostering idea. Never done this before.

I called Carole at the Golden Retriever Rescue to tell her that I would possibly, maybe, think about fostering an older Golden Retriever, but none of the puppy stuff.
Somehow, with Charlie, our house has become his ... meaning we live in one big dog house. And now we were considering another?
Carole knew I was still in recovery from my breathless training adventures with Charlie. He had been a large pup when we brought him home to a place filled with ducks, geese, cats and horses.
What were we thinking?

At the time, we had been looking for an older female with perfect manners and then we saw Charles. Well, you know the rest of the story.
He behaves perfectly now, but I'm still in recovery.

So, in my conversation with Carole, I told her that this new foster Golden would have to be an older lady that would fit into our zoo.

I figured that would take quite awhile to find ... and maybe never, then I'd be off the hook.

Only a few days later the phone rang. It was Carole. She was all excited about having found the most perfect, sweetest, most adorable 8-9 year old female Golden that she had ever seen. This girl would be a perfect foster child for me. It went something like this ...

"Oh believe me, she is wonderful. You'll love her and she'll only be there a few days before she'll be adopted by another family."

We dashed over to pick her up. Carole was right. Katie was a sweetheart. She politely jumped into the back of the car. I later turned around to check on her.

It looked like we were driving "Miss Daisy". She was sitting so perfectly in the middle of the back seat, looking straight out the front car window. All that was missing was a flowered bonnet.

It is hard to mention, sad to say and difficult to fathom, but this lovely lass had been left at the dog pound by her former owners and then they drove away. I only hope they at least said "good-bye".

But now, she was at our house and our girl ... until she found her forever home.

Charlie was simply overjoyed! I don't think his tongue stayed in his mouth for more than a few seconds. He hauled all the toys out of his toy box pretending he would share.

Katie was patient with all the activity and tried her best to keep up with the road races up and down the hallway.
We found these two kids entertaining as we watched the rugs being rearranged into clumps and piles, along with toys being thrown in the air.
Charlie was in his glory and Katie was a sport.

The two became instant friends. There were car rides together, long hikes on the trails, ball chasing in the back yard and outings along the beach.

My responsibility, other than caring for Katie as a foster child, was sending Carole daily reports as to how Katie was adjusting to her new environment, did she like cats, did she like Charlie, did she bark? All these details were necessary in order for her to find the home that would fit perfectly for her.

A few days later, I wrote up the ad for Katie, along with a photo. It was late at night when I clicked "send" and the write-up was off to Carole to be placed on the Golden Retriever adoption site, so Katie could find her new parents.

The ad went like this:
Katie is a sweet, gentle older girl that came from a local shelter. Sad to say, she was turned in by her owners who could no longer keep her. Katie is the ideal companion. She has perfect manners, is calm and quiet. She does not bark. She enjoys greeting people on her walks around the neighborhood and loves rides in the car. She gets along with other dogs and doesn’t mind well behaved cats. Katie would love to find a new home where she can pal around the house, stroll in the backyard or just watch TV with her new forever parents. If you are looking for a foot warmer that is sweet and adorable, Katie just might be the one.

Early the next morning, I checked the Golden Retriever website and saw ... our Katie!
I quickly called Carole and said ... "take the ad down! Katie already has a forever home."

Katie is a keeper and I'm a foster failure!
Katie is here to stay.


  1. LOL! You had me going there. I thought the end of the post would say that she was adopted by someone right away. Well, I guess she was... she was adopted by YOU! She is so beautiful! I am happy for you all that Katie is now a part of your family.

    Hugs to everyone!

  2. Welcome to the club! We became foster failures just a few days ago. We decided "Quasar" was too perfect to let go; we hope he feels the same about us. (I'll have to post in a few days.)

    Lucky Katie; Charlie & she look very happy together in the photo.

    What a happy family!

  3. You are not a foster failure...you helped her find a forever home, it just happens to be with you :)

  4. LOL-I knew it!! As soon as I read how quickly Charlie became attached to her...I knew she wasn't going anywhere.

    You guys definitely aren't failures though! She is a beautiful girl and just what Charlie needs...and you guys too.;)

  5. She is definatley a keeper! She looks so sweet! And they both got along so well! It's okay to be foster failures, I would be the same way!! LOL!! She is a beauty.

  6. Thank goodness - I was really worried for a bit there that you wouldn't keep her. She's perfect! How old is she? I think she's a lot like Kayla, isn't she? I love the Goldens. Why would a dog like that ever end up at the pound? Once again, you guys are heroes! BTW, when is Shadow going to come and live with Royal? Doesn't Royal need an older brother?

  7. Awwww...you've got me in tears early in the morning! How could you part with "Miss Daisy"....see, I knew you couldn't do it! God bless you!

  8. Great story with an even greater ending. I'm so glad you decided to keep her, she looks like a real sweetheart. How could anyone just drop her off and leave her. The poor thing must have been so confused. I'm so happy she has her forever home now. You and your husband are wonderful.

  9. She's adorable, and I'd have kept her too :)

    Kim x

  10. What a lovely ending for Miss Daisy /Katie, she looks an absolute treasure!

    What good foster parents you were, you kept her YAY!!

    p.s. are you still going to do the fostering? ;-)

  11. Awwww, I'm so thrilled for Katie. I was so happy to read the ending and realize she is staying with you. What a blessing. I bet she feels she got an EARLY Christmas present!! :O)


  12. Awww, that is the cutest story ever! There's always room for one more, isn't there (wink). Yeah, Katie!

  13. Yay! They look so happy together! You have a heart of gold! You just think that you are a failure. We all know that you will come out way ahead in this deal. God love you.

  14. I knew that would happen ;-)
    I love reading your blog!
    Keep up the good work!

  15. Cindy,
    I really thought I could do the "foster" thing. What a joke. If it eats the chances are it will stay at our house.

    Detroit Dog:
    Can't wait to hear about "Quasar". Another lucky foster gets to stay!
    Post photos!

    Castus Jack Splash:
    We sure feel lucky to have this addition. Can't believe I ever wondered even for a minute!

  16. Browneyed Cowgirls,
    Ah-Hah! Looks like you've got my number! Charlie is still in his glory! It sure was what he needed! I think he'd like his own pack.

    Katie is such a sweet heart. Her tail never stops wagging. It's like a grandfather clock! We're lucky to have her!

    Katie really is perfect. The first guess on her age was about 8 years old, but the vet thinks closer to 10 years old. Can you imagine people leaving an old timer at the dog pound !! So glad we have her!

    About Shadow: He has to stay at his flat ground paddock for several more months while we try to build his muscles with walks on the flat trails around him. Unfortunately, our property has too mamy ups and downs for Shadow to manage.

    I'll be posting an update on him soon.

  17. Cheryl,
    You are right, I simply couldn't part with this sweet girl. It would be like her being abandoned again. Plus, I'm really hooked on her.

    Grey Horse Matters:
    I'm also still wondering how anyone could leave off an old timer like her at a dog pound, of all places. She must have been terrorized, she is so sweet and sensitive. What a forgiving little creature she is! So glad we have her.

    Glad she got you hooked, too! There are so many out there looking for homes. Hint-hint!

  18. Townie,
    You asked if I'm still going to "foster". I think that is just too risky for me. I keep things!

    We are still celebrating that we have Katie as our child. It really was an early Christmas around here!

    Project Jasper:
    You are so right! Always room for one more ... of anything!

  19. Saddle Mountain Rider:
    I think you are so right ... we are coming out way ahead on this new girl. She is the happiest creature on earth.

    I really thought I could do that foster thing ... honest. But now I know I can't. I keep everything, especially if it needs to be fed.

    Thanks for reading my blog. It's great the way we can all share our lives with each other!

  20. LOL, Congrats on your new Katie!

  21. I have a friend who fosters dogs too, and they ended up keeping 2 of the ones who came to stay! She sent a photo of one little chap on her husband's lap and I thought, hum, that dog won't be going ANYWHERE!

    Katie is such a sweetheart, and I really do not understand the mentality of people who could offload a dog just because she was getting old. Haven't they heard of the words responsibility? or love?

    Thank heavens she came to you - the moment she was playing with Charlie I knew she wasn't going to be going ANYWHERE!

    Hugs to Shadow by the way, and hope he builds up muscle soon so he can cope with life at yours.

  22. Oh I am so happy! She was meant to be with all of you. Charlie needed her, she neede Charlie! You all needed one another. Katie now has the best home and now I have tears streaming down my face! I am so thrilled for you all!


  23. My eyes welled up when I read this post - congratulations and god bless for giving Katie a wonderful, loving home.

  24. Callie,
    Well, I guess that was no big surprise. I'm such a big push-over!

    Bovey Belle,
    Glad to know your friend has the same weakness that we do! Only they kept 2 fosters! Shadow is surprising me with his new energy. Amazing what food can do.

    Susie Q:
    You are so right, this little girl is a keeper! Katie knew that all along ... just took me longer. She's a love!

    Katie has a big thank-you smile on her face everyday. We feel so lucky to have her.

  25. I knew it! right from the start, I knew it! Katie is lucky to have found you.......and you her.

  26. Katie is beautiful. And gracious. And elegant.

    AND YOURS!!!!

    YAY! I have a soft spot for senior dogs. They often are rejected by people wanting to adopt.

  27. Rising Rainbow:
    No foolin' you, that's for sure! I'm such a pushover.

    You are so right, people seem to pass over the "aged to perfection" dogs and go for the cute puppies. Katie is a dream!


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