October 13, 2008

Meanwhile, Back At The Farm

Charlie and Dad ~ Story Time
"... and the wolf huffed and he puffed ..."

Now that things are under control with Shadow and we are mostly standing around watching that sweet horse eat and put on weight ... I'll bring you up to date on Charlie.

As you remember, Charlie was a Golden Retriever that we rescued last February.

He has now reached the age of two and has pretty much finished chewing up our shoes, counter surfing for food and chasing cats.

He has actually turned into a regular gentleman ... well, almost, most of the time, gentleman.

He's dad's pal. They have regular routines, such as early morning walks and late evening story hour. They are rarely apart.

The car is now a dog mobile filled with Charlie's toys. You've already heard about his shopping escapades.

Lately, I've heard this rumor circulating around the house. It seems Charlie wants a baby sister. At the moment ... I don't think so.

It's a busy place around here ... and at this very second it's time to scoot back to check on my rescue boy. That sweet horse is ready for another feeding and perhaps a very short walk along the horse trail.

And then when I get back home, there is handsome Royal to groom.

Another dog? Hummm .... do we really need two?
I have a feeling there will be another dog chapter in the near future.


  1. Charlie is just too adorable. I wonder if he will get a baby sister. I'm so glad to hear that the rescued boy is putting on weight and doing well. I'm sure you have his undying gratitude and love.

  2. Rescue pets are the best, aren't they? We have two. Our cat Whiskers is so attached to hubby that she langusishes at his computer desk if he is gone overnight. We can't imagine why she ended up in a shelter at 3 yrs old!?

    The rabbit, Silver, is a rabbit, but a nice one. She will pass up almost any treat if you will pet her instead. And she loves to go in a baby sling. She was also about 3 when she got to the shelter.

    I don't understand how you could care for an animal for 3 years and then decide not to.

  3. What an adorable pair! "Storytime With Charlie"... that could be the title of a book.


  4. Charlie looks so worried about the story!! :) He is so cute.
    We had two dogs, until my beloved Lab went missing. Sniff sniff. Now we only have one and I feel like something is missing. We have been dog searching for a while. I like having two.


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