April 7, 2009

Ain't Love Grand !

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Charlie and Katie's Girlfriend,
Their Vet

There was so much love floating around our house, yesterday.
"The Girlfriend" arrived and Charlie and Katie were beside themselves.
They didn't have a clue that this was health check up day. The minute Dr. Kelly arrived, it was "Me-Me-Me" time.
Katie's tail was wagging like a grandfather clock, and Charlie was immediately ready to have his slobbery tongue examined at close range.
Charlie dragged his toys from the toy box and had them piled all over her lap, especially his huggy baby.
In between examining these two big smoochers, the cats got their chance to have their purrs checked.
Happily, everyone is in great condition, well, ok, maybe a bit overweight, but we'll work on that.

Dr. Kelly has a way of convincing all our creatures that this is nothing but a social call. How lucky we are to have her come to the house.
It's was one of those great "fun was had by all" days. And what peace of mind to know everyone is fine ... and that she is just a phone call away.


  1. Wow, I didn't know that doggie and kitty vets made house calls! ;) You can see the feeling is mutual there, very happy vet and pooches!
    I am very glad to read that Royal is doing better too, by the way. He is such a handsome boy!

  2. what a great vet to come to your house!! Your two look so excited to see her!! And it's okay if they are a little over weight!! LOL!! They are so adorable!

  3. Your vet is amazing! I have always said that vets are angels and your's certainly is!

    I am glad those sweet boys are fine and healthy and got through their Oh No day with nary a problem!


  4. It's wonderful that the vet comes to the house, I'm sure it makes the dogs more relaxed. They are beautiful and I'm sure they're not really overweight, just big-boned.

  5. Holy cow...a vet that makes house calls and that your pets adore....Now that's a priceless treasure. Your dogs are beautiful!!! I can see why she'd enjoy coming to visit!

  6. Sweet pictures of the doggie lovin's there!
    Nice friend too..glad she is so sincere in her love for them tnhey look past and smell past her office!

  7. A good vet brings such peace of mind - and a good vet that comes to your house is priceless! The contrast to the previous post with the photos of Charlie says it all.

  8. I am so impressed by your vet! To have Charlie bringing her toys and piling them on her lap says a lot about her energy and her true love for them. I SO wish I could find a vet like that for our brood.


  9. I love your dogs, they're so beautiful!

  10. Your vet makes house calls??? No wonder Charlie and Katie are so happy!

  11. No question about your decision is there? Sooo happy that your beloved poochies are happy!!
    My boss (the doc) sometimes will take care of our client's dogs when they are uncomfortable about leaving their homes...especially if it's a matter of euthanasia for the elderly. They are so much more comfortable and peaceful when they don't have to leave their homes. It's a small act of kindness, even though he's an equine veterinarian.

    Congratulations on their clean bills of health!! Whoo hoo!!

  12. Oh, my, how wonderful to have a vet that makes house calls. Your dogs (and cats) seem delightful and totally happy with their vet.

    Our Golden (Mocha) is definitely starting to be more chunky than he should be (it's only fur, he says!) He's not always as excited to go out for 'exercise walks' with me in the morning, much preferring the free-form scavenging ones that my gardening companion (aka my husband) takes him on.

  13. That's a much nicer way for your fur babies to have their check ups and don't they all look happy. I wish our vets did the same.

    I've posted a video on Merlin's blog, of him playing football and I thought you might like to take a peek. Please excuse the commentary, we couldn't edit it! :)

    Kim x

  14. You are so lucky to have found a great vet! I have one I love, but he doesn't make housecalls. Sounds like your pooches will be happy about those past difficult days... and they are lovely pooches at that! Now get out that spinning wheel!

  15. Dr Kelly looks like a vet who really enjoys her job - no wonder Charlie and Katie love her. It would seem that the feeling is mutual:)


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