April 26, 2009

Sunday Stills -Flowers

Click to enlarge photo.
Iris from my grandmother's garden
greet me every Spring.
So many memories bloom bringing remembrances
of a little girl with pigtails and freckles

helping her grandmother gather large bouquets.
There were so many iris ... every color of the rainbow.

And now, I gather these blooms from my own garden
while thinking of her and those wonderful times together.
I just discovered Sunday Stills and have had a delightful time
looking at the photos posted by others.
Now I shall add mine to the list.

Thank you, Ed, for being such a great inspiration.
I've finally blown the dust off my camera


  1. Bearded iris remind me of my Grammy too even though I'm not as fortunate as you to have rhizomes from her garden. I think one of my aunts does though. Yours are such a gorgeous shade of purple.


  2. Those are heavenly purple and glistening!

  3. Hi Strawberry Lane! Wow- that is a fantastic shot of the Iris. That is such a lovely color too.

    I have Oh HorseFeathers! blog open to the public, so what to do next to ease your viewing troubles... well, I don't know. I have my Journal closed to the public, though. Please email me (swequine@yahoo.com) and we can sort this out further!

    Have a wonderful day!!

  4. How wonderful.

    The guy next door has shrubs which his grandmother brought over from "the old country" (France?) many, many generations ago. Lovely.

  5. They are so pretty, and it must be really special to have them. We have a plant from my dad's side of the family, I think it was my grandmother's, if not older!!

  6. Oh my Mother had Japanese Iris, I wish I had some of hers........

  7. I 'rescued' a bunch of my grandmother's dwarf irises and just love how dainty they are and their deep purple color. Last year, a bunch of her tulips popped up in areas we had forgot they were. So I dug them out and moved them to a better place. This year, I see a bunch more are popping up out in the same place, so I'll have more to move this fall. It's really nice to have some of what was once her beautiful flower gardens.

  8. Oh..these would be good for the "Sunday Stills" this week...came back to encourage you to dust off your cmaera as you mentioed on my comments...and I then remebered where I saw them...earlier in the week> HERE!!

  9. Wonderful shot! So glad you decided to join us for Sunday Stills! :)

  10. Welcome! Beautiful flowers!

  11. Very nice shots and welcome to the Sunday Stills Challenge..:-)

  12. Great shot, it is wonderful that you have those from your Grandmother's garden.

  13. Such lovely flowers with a long history, too. I'm glad you jumped on board the Sunday Stills Challenges, too. :)

    New Mexico

  14. welcome to sunday stills
    i was new this week too :)
    i think it's a great place to meet & share ideas & photographs with other photographers

    i like your take on this challenge
    pretty pretty flowers you've got x

  15. Beautiful iris and it's great that you remember your grandmother when you see them. My mother was an avid gardener and there are many flowers that remind me of her.

  16. Welcome to SundayStills - I am still getting around to everyone, this group has grown so much and I don't want to miss anyone!

    I love iris - ours aren't out yet, so am glad to see yours until then.

  17. There are so many memories in a Grammy's garden. Mine had irises, peonies, and lilac bushes I used to play under!! Your flower pic are lovely.

  18. Very nice Iris..I love the color! Welcome to Sunday Stills! :)

  19. Very beautiful! Great shot! And Welcome to the Sunday Stills!

  20. Nice choice, and welcome.


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