April 19, 2009

Single Mom Arrives With 10 Kids

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Arrival and Move In Day

It was Saturday of Easter weekend when we heard the paddle of many little feet.

We were busy digging new drainage lines in the backyard when we looked up just in time to see the arrival of mom and her kids.
She walked with confidence around all the construction and straight to the geese feeder. It was strange how she seemed to know her way around.

My neighbor told me that she saw this young lass come out from under out front yard trees, walk across the front lawn ... with 10 babes in tow. This young mom knew exactly where she was going, which was under our gate, into our backyard ... and home.

Perhaps this young Miss is the one that had been doing frequent "flyovers" and surveillance during the past couple months.

I quickly made a mud puddle, which is amazing in itself, since we were hard at work trying to clear up the mud puddle problem we had during the past rainy season.
Now, I was making puddles for the newcomers.

Amazing how adorable a puddle full of ducklings can be.

It was only a matter of minutes before the pond was theirs.
And it was even less time before we were no longer working, but just sitting around in our chairs watching this adorable line up of ducklings following mom from bushes to feeder to pond ...back and forth all day.

Before long, two male Mallards arrived claiming paternity and residential rights.

I'm told that this is now home for this bunch. And ... that they will return again next year for more breeding, more ducklings and more time on our pond. Let's see ... that would be mom plus her 10 grown up kids.
That makes the possibility of how many ducklings?
Hummm ............
With our two Canada Geese and our own resident ducks, I'm not sure this is going to work out.

Next spring, I think we'll need to make arrows pointing to all the area swimming pools. That just might be a better plan.

In the meantime, we're back to work, but frequently leaning on our shovels still watching the parade.


  1. Darling, adorable - I wouldn't be able to get anything done if I had those cuties to watch. We had baby wild turkeys this year which were fun, but nowhere near as lovable.

  2. That is so cute. I love that she knew just where she was going, you must have the perfect place for a young miss and her little ones. If they all decide to come back next year you'll certainly have your hands/ponds? full.

  3. That momma sure has her hands full!! Or should I say wings! I am glad she got to get in the pond. Ducklings are so adorable!! Soooo cute!

  4. Too cute...I have not seen littles duckies in a long while, what a treat!

  5. Oh my!! They are just too adorable for words. What a blessing!!
    I would feel honored to have my home be the chosen home for such a lovely gaggle?? Is that the right word for such a brood as this? Or is that just used for geese? hmmm, not sure.
    Anyway, I don't blame you guys for stopping the work and just watching them...they are so cute.
    Hubby and I once rescued 6 or 7 baby ducklings who were without a mommy once...we set up house for them in one of our extra stalls and installed a kiddy pool. We called them the peepers. We used to pick them grass, with slugs of course and fed them duck food purchased at the local feed store. It was so much fun to watch them grow up...and then, one by one they flew up, up and away. One day I was walking back to the barn from the pasture, and the last peeper did a "fly by" right directly in my path. He gave me a direct look, a hearty quaaack!! and he was off!! I thought it was so cool - he said good-bye. Made me cry. I can be somewhat overly emotional, but it was a cool moment.
    Enjoy them!

  6. Adorable...and I couldn't help but giggle at your story...you are such a funny girl you!
    That poor Momma had her hands, I mean feathers, full doesn't she?

    She chose such a perfect spot...


  7. What an adorable little family!!

    We live near a canal and constantly have ducks and geese flying over. One goose might just be able to fit into our pond! ;)

    Glad to hear everyone is well! Hugs from Meg and cats xxx

  8. How darling! I am so jealous. The first spring we had our pond, a mommy mallard came with her babies for their first swim but left an hour or so after. We haven't had ducks come visit since. I SO wish I could have been there when yours came to call.


  9. I'm sure you have lots of wonderful duck recipes awaiting thier return as grown ups. Yumm! and flying right into your back yard. No hours of hunting involved. Yup, I'm jealous too!

  10. Lovely photos, those ducklings are so cute. Mama looks in full control of her babies anyway, they look very well behaved little ducklings.

  11. Aawwww I love the one of them in the mud puddle. Isn't nature wonderful!


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