December 5, 2007

Holly Jollying ... Am I Breathless, yet?

I'm dashing, and prancing ...
The ladders are out.
Christmas decorations are all over the front lawn.
The boxes of ribbons and garlands
are down from the attic.

I've got my list of just who
has been naughty and nice.
Now, I'm off to fight my way through the joyful crowds
... presents, you know.
Oh ... yikes, the Christmas cards.

Be back later!


  1. Oh...the cards!! Yikes! I bought them but that is as far as I have gotten.

    I used to make my own. Oh my. Now I am lucky if I write in them myself!

    But my shopping is done! Oh wait...maybe not. The deocrtaing is where is that tree? Uh oh. I better get moving!

    Have fun, stay safe and well. Enjoy it all!


  2. LOL I never send out Xmas cards, havent for many many years I have to admit. I call this time of year THE SILLY SEASON. I dont know if it is because I am a nomad and friends and family are spread far and wide all over the world. It can sometimes be a very lonely time of year for me. My daughter was born on Xmas morning 25 years ago but that is a whole nother story :-(

    I have had some postcards made up with my photos this year and have been sending those out instead of Xmas cards, but I have made sure that they have snow and horses so that is Xmasy enough I hope LOL.

    (e-Mail your postal addy to me from my blog if you would like one anyone, I will pop one in the mail and you will have a genuine Lori card, hey I may be famous one day!!)

    Have a fabulous time, sounds like you are really into the festive spirit and that is wonderful.


  3. Can you do my shopping too? I don't know how I'm going to get it done.

    Hot tip: Don't send Christmas cards.

    Also, I'm sorry about your cat.


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