December 27, 2007

'Twas The Day After Christmas ...

As the family story goes ...
Santa had left the packages by the fireplace with care.
The celebrations were over and all was quiet in the house.

When what to everyone's surprise,
it was discovered there was one yet remaining ...

I made my arrival into the world
around 4:00 a.m. on Christmas night.
So, officially my birthday has been known not by a date,
but by a title ... "the day after Christmas".
That is when my sister became
"the big sister".
Today, on my birthday, my sister sent the following message.
I want to share with you what a wonderful sister I have.
She wrote ...
I remember.
It was in the middle of the night, right after Christmas day,
a cold and snowy winter's night when the covers felt good --
and a really cold time to roust people out in the dead of night.
Mom awoke me from my sound sleep
and told me she was going to the hospital for you.
She said, "If you need anything
call your Auntie Olga across the street,
she knows you are alone
and she will come over in the morning.

For a seven year old, it was a surprisingly big assignment
to be left in charge in the middle of the night.
But I had no qualms.
I really looked forward to you being in the crib in the folk's room.
Isn't it grand that you exceeded everyone's espectations?
But Auntie Olga did not come over in the morning.
I was next awakened by dad telling me that you arrived at 4 am.
Mom would later say you arrived fast
and have been quick ever since.
Happy Birthday all day.
With more love than you will ever know,
Your sister, Elizabeth


  1. that was beautiful :) you are loved very much. Sisters are worth their weight in gold...mine are, I know that!

  2. That is so nice! You do a lovely sister. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and a great Christmas too!
    My little sister and I have a close bond like you and your sister do and it makes you feel so good doesn't it? I rely on her as much as she relies on me and with the both of us living together with Mum, we all laugh together. I was 3 and a half when my sister was born the day after New Year's Day and I was so happy to have a little sister, we were close right from day 1.
    All the best, love from Meg (the kittens' mother) xxx

  3. aw! thats lovely! I have two sisters, and we are very close too.

    Leanne x

  4. How lovely and how lucky you both are to have this sister connection!

    I send you warm and loving birthday wishes!

    Happy 2008 to you, your husband and your treasured pets.
    May it be a sweet one for you all.


  5. Happy Birthday! How lucky to have a loving sister. I am really having a good time reading your blog. Thanks for visiting mine and leaving a note. I'm very familiar with your Southern California landscape. Before moving to Connecticut, we spent over 15 years in Los Angeles and San Diego. How old is Kyla? We've got a 12 year old dog, half lab/half springer. She's our angel, also a daddy's girl.

  6. Belated Happy Birthday,you are lucky to have such a lovely big sister. I've not got any brothers or sisters but often wish I had especially now that mum and dad are gone.
    I can see from a quick glance that I have been missing some lovely photographs so will come back later this evening and read them properly.

  7. Many thanks to all my wonderful friends for the Birthday greetings. 'Twas so very nice!

    This year was the "big one". Well, actually I said that last year, too. :-)

    I enjoy so much reading all of your blogs. What a wonderful circle of friends we have with so many common things to share.

    Best wishes to all of you for a wonderful New Year!

  8. Ooooh sorry I missed your birthday, I love your story. My daughter was born 25 years ago at 3.30am on Christmas day.

    Hope you had a great day ((Hugs))



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