December 11, 2007

Can I Come In, Yet?

As you may recall from an earlier story on MouseTrap, he arrived as a youngster late one stormy night. Since we already had two cats guarding their domain in the house, MouseTrap was offered the hay barn as his personal residence.

That worked out real well for quite a long time. Every corner of the barn was his from top to bottom ... and there was nary a mouse to be found.

MouseTrap became friends with the chickens, horses, ducks and geese. He was soon hanging out with Kayla, the Golden Retriever, almost acting like a dog as he followed us around the yard and horse corrals.
They were pals. The only difference was ... Kayla could come in the house.

Then it got cold.

That is when MouseTrap called for begging support.
"Hey, mom ... please let him come in"!

Amazingly ... that worked.

He had hardly arrived in the house
before he went to work.
There just had to be a mouse in here, somewhere!

Now, with two cats watching his every move,
MouseTrap knew he had to act really cool.

There could be none of the hissing, claws routine ...
or he'd be back in the barn.
C-o-l-d ... remember?

The chair with the blue towel worked for awhile.
But this cat is an adventurer.

Oh yah ... now this is great !

The sunny place by the window was pure heaven.

Well, for a little while.
Lalique found this completely unacceptable.

This was not her plan.
In fact, she considered a good swat appropriate.

It was time for some diversion.

Let's see, maybe a little cat-nap will help.
Oh yes, he's a clever, clever cat !
Without one fight, MouseTrap was part of the group.
Only, he had it even better.
He was an "inside-outside" cat.

MouseTrap was still in charge of the barn.
There was only one desired place left ...

... on dad's lap.

"... all is calm, all is bright ..."


  1. MouseTrap has worked his kitty magic on you the way Tom Tom worked his kitty magic on us. How they weave their way into our hearts and homes, don't they? And they feel soooo special because they have the inside-outside deal the others don't. Have you noticed that MouseTrap has amazing "kitty etiquette"? It seems that comes along with feeling very grateful (at least for Tom Tom). Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  2. I have to say , looking at the pics of animals and where they place themselves and how they are quite spoiled, it reminds me of this place in a big way!

  3. Haha! Oh how it all sounds so familiar. It could almost be my house;) Our version of MouseTrap is Smudge...he was an alley cat, he also had a brother and a little sister we called "LittleOne". One day, I was in the house on my own with the back door open for the dogs to go out in the yard when they wanted. I was sat in the lounge and heard Misty (mum's cat) crying in the hallway. I went to see what she was crying about and she just sat facing into the kitchen. As I walked in, I found Smudge eating her dinner! He soon introduced himself to the dogs and the lounge and he is now one of the most attention-seeking, home-loving cats I have ever known! Come to think of it, I will have to post his story on my blog.
    Best Wishes, love from the kittens' mother xxx

  4. haha mousetrap is one smart kitty!

    he is too cute.

    Lalique looked downright PO'ed glad she got over it!

  5. Ahhh Mousetrap is certainly one smart cat ,he knows the best place to be ,its great that all the other animals and humans have just accepted him for who he is! Found you from The kittens mother's blog,so glad I did ,you have a wonderful place to live with all your animals .Take care Kathyann at meg's mum's muffins

  6. Awwww....I couldn't have resisted Mousetrap either.

    You did such a good job with the photos and telling the story, this has to be one of my favorite posts, ever.

    Mousetrap truly appears to appreciate being allowed in. I love the picture when Lalique accepted him and they are on the chair together.

  7. I love this series of pictures. Mouse Trap reminds me so much of a kitty that I had in South Africa. Glad that the etiquette thing got sorted out LOL.


  8. Oh I am so smiling now...I love them all and Mousetrap has found the best home.
    They do work their magic in us don;t they?
    Such priceless pictures.



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